Marijuana information

My Aunt Jenny has always been kind of a free spirit, if you know what I mean. She’s always been one to dress in long, floaty skirts and wear sandals even in the dead of winter. She loves growing things like flowers and plants all around her house and in her garden, and she’s even been known to grow cannabis and recreational marijuana from time to time. So believe me, I wasn’t surprised in the least when Aunt Jenny told me that she was starting up a new business from her house. Her new business idea was to start making marijuana edibles out of her own kitchen. I guess that here in the state where we live, marijuana edibles aren’t very highly regulated and so she’s going to be able to do it without any governmental interference at all. She’s pretty happy about it and she can’t wait to get started with making her own special kinds of girl scout cookies, pot brownies, and space cake. She’s got a lot of good recipes, especially for her own kind of pot brownies. I accidentally ate one of her pot brownies once at a family reunion and I couldn’t even tell that it was a pot brownie at all! And so I know that her marijuana edibles are probably going to be really good. I hate when you try an edible and it tastes terrible, but Aunt Jenny has been making marijuana edibles for so long that she seems to know what she’s doing. I think her edibles business will probably take off!