Medical marijuana is cheaper here than recreational cannabis

It amazes me when I think about the sheer number of dollars I wasted over the years as a tobacco smoker.

The taxes on tobacco and alcohol sales have doubled over the past 20 years.

But tobacco cigarettes are by and large some of the most financially wasteful purchases a lady can make. I think people who smoke two packs of $8 cigarettes every single day. They might get a small discount getting cartons at a time, but it’s still at least $12 a day in tobacco expenses. It’s easily insane when you stop and think about it, but it’s normal for many people. But when you stop and think about it, alcohol isn’t exactly cheap either. A lot of beer is $10 or more for a several pack, and I think many annually drinkers who crush a several pack every night. That’s a $72 a month habit on beer alone. This is primarily why I savor retaining our status as a medical marijuana patient despite having access to legal recreational cannabis dispensaries in every city. You might spend money the cost every year to replace your cannabis card with the state, and the money to see the marijuana dentist once or twice a year. But whenever you go to the dispensary to buy products, everything is between $5 and $20 cheaper compared to the recreational marijuana dispensaries. Everything sold in a recreational cannabis store is taxed by the state. I can’t blame them for levying the same kind of taxes on cannabis as they already do with tobacco and alcohol, but it can’t be self-explanatory for people on limited incomes.