Medical marijuana really helps in easing the pain

The term bad back never really had much of an impact on me.

It sounded like the complaint of an old man who let his body get grossly out of shape. It was like some sort of a ready complaint to validate poor judgement. Well I am talking out the other side of my mouth when it comes to bad back. Once I hit my mid thirties, I started getting pain in my mid to lower back. From there it just got worse. Today, I am managing a bad back with the help of medical marijuana. This was part of an approach I chose over what the doctors initially wanted to do. It was like my only option was some pretty serious back surgery. Yet, I had seen all of the stats and new that completely successful back surgery was a bit of a phantom. At the same time, I didn’t want to end up down a pill bottle either. It was getting to the point that I couldn’t stand, walk or work without the aid of pain killers. So I found myself at a juncture where neither of the choice were good. This led me to get more cannabis information. I wanted to be able to manage the pain without getting addicted to opioids. Plus, I wanted something natural like medical cannabis as part of more holistic approach to dealing with my back. Surgery just would have to be the last resort. I started seeing a chiropractor, doing yoga and using cannabis products. It’s been over 8 months since I started this regimen. My back is in much better shape. I’d say I don’t even have a bad back anymore. I have a good back thanks to medical cannabis.
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