Missing out on the sale

I’m feeling truly upset with the cannabis dispensary this week.

I woke up this afternoon with a message that says all the cannabis items in stock are going to be a quarter off this week.

That would have been helpful information a day ago. I decided to go to the store yesterday, on payday to fill the rest of my medical cannabis prescription. I spent almost a hundred bucks on cannabis products. I would have saved thirty bucks if I had known that the cannabis dispensaries were going to have a sale on everything this week. I could have waited until this week to make the purchase. I wasn’t out of vaping devices plus I happily would have waited to save that extra currency. I could have bought some edibles with the money. I never get edibles because the dispensary jacks up the pieces and makes them unreasonably costly. It is almost twenty bucks for a pot brownie. That is too much currency in my opinion. They have 10mg of weed. Even the 20mg pain patches are only five bucks. I went to the dispensary yesterday so I didn’t have to go somewhere on my afternoon off work. I believe that was the issue. I almost wanted to call the local recreational dispensary plus file a complaint. I am sure they don’t care if I am upset about the sale or not, but it would have been nice to maybe get the discount allowed. I’m a little tempted to go over just to get a pot brownie, but I’m afraid that I will end up complaining about the lack of the deal I got yesterday.



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