MS and weed helps

It didn’t absolutely take too long to realize that there was absolutely something wrong happening in my body.

I didn’t feel like myself at all.

It was as though easy motor function jobs were suddenly not all that simple. Now that I am using medical marijuana, I can say that those jobs are tolerable. But it took me a while before I finally decided I needed to see a doctor about it. It didn’t take honestly long for the doc to come back with a diagnosis of MS. I was shocked. This was the last thing that I thought I would ever have to handle. I didn’t even know anyone with MS plus here I was trying to figure out what comes next. Thankfully, the medical professional told me that I should add medical cannabis to my treatment. There were nice meds that will help with the issues. But the medical cannabis will help immediately with the muscle spasms plus stiffness that I was beginning to experience. She also told me that medical marijauna will help me sort out my feelings well. This was something that I needed for sure. And I’m glad I listened to the medical professional. In my state, I can get access to a cannabis dispensary separate from a medical marijuana card. However, there are certain cannabis dispensaries that gear themselves more to medical marijuana. I got myself to 1 of these legal weed shops. This was such a great move. Not only was I met with kindness, care and hope but they were able to get me cannabis products to help my particular situation.

medical cannabis dispensary