MS gets help with the use of medical cannabis

There are times in life one simply has to accept things.

That’s not something I have ever been very good at.

Having MS changed that perspective entirely. The use of medical marijuana allows me to maintain that perspective. Until I was 43, I was out to solve problems. Managing problems was not something I was willing to accept. To me, it was always a win or lose proposition. And this is how I approached much of my life. But ultimately, the universe ended up showing me that’s just not the natural order of things. Thanks to medical marijuana I am learning that managing a condition like MS is an acceptable outcome. The day I found out that I had MS, it was like I was furious. I simply started doing all the research I could find, making appointments and just basically freaking out in my own way. But my doctor was quick to get me some cannabis information. She told me that I needed to get to the cannabis dispensary and let them find me the cannabis products that would help me cope with MS. It was the only smart thing I did because I was still in a battle state of mind. The folks at the cannabis dispensary really helped me to slow down and realize that medical marijuana was not going to only help my physical symptoms. The medical cannabis would also help me accept my condition and learn that life is livable with MS. It took a month or two before that message fully resonated but it finally did. And I’m happy to allow medical cannabis to help me understand that some things just simply have to managed.


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