My business is closing because of the dispensary

After having graduated from high school, I tried my hand at a job, however it was at a local Barnes plus Noble down in the mall, plus it was 1 of the worst weeks of my life, however is wasn’t the task itself that was so terrible, if I’m being truthful, it was the feeling I had of “well this is it, this will be the rest of your life.” In school, the future seemed boundless and bright, however out in the working world the future seemed like endless clock punching plus endless irritating clients… So I quit after that first week, plus set out to make my own luck on my own terms! My path ended up being selling marijuana, which ended up being a absolutely good task for me for a long while, however after just a few weeks selling cannabis for a neighbor of mine I acquired enough of a stake to buy a massive amount, from that point on I set my own sixths, my own prices, plus staked my claim as the main marijuana source for my whole end of the village.

Things might have gone on like that forever, simply perfect, except for that new marijuana dispensary opened up about a mile from here, however now my client base is all however gone, because the marijuana dispensary has hundreds of odd products, plus I simply keep up with their quality of product.

I still have the edge in price, however it seems my clients would rather pay a higher cost for the higher quality marijuana strains than to take what I’m selling. I suppose I will have to break down plus apply for tasking at the marijuana dispensary.

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