My dad doesn’t approve of my job

My dad comes from the school of thought that you didn’t need to like your job, you just had to do it.

Making money to support the family was all that mattered to him, and so it probably never occurred to him to try and find a job he liked better.

Keep your head down and work hard, he always told me, so it made him mad when I raised my head up and looked around for something better. Work doesn’t have to be a constant source of misery and suffering you endure to make money, it should be more than that! When a cannabis dispensary opened up in town, I applied for a job that very day. It didn’t matter that I already had a full time job, because I hated it and thought that a cannabis dispensary job would be a dream come true. Or at least one step closer to my real dream, which is growing cannabis to sell to dispensaries. I am a botanist at heart, one with a deep passion for smoking marijuana, and being able to just cultivate the herb as a living would be heavenly. If I can’t do that, then at least I can still work with cannabis, and figure out how to make the next step of my dream come true. I feel sorry for my dad that he worked for decades doing something he hated, but maybe if he smoked cannabis with me he would have been a little more chill. I won’t make the same mistakes that he did!
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