My dad has been smoking weed in his garage

The last couple of times that I have visited our parents, our dad has been outside in the garage or the shed, working on a couple of project cars.

He also works on other items in the shed… My dad spends a lot of time outside.

Usually he only comes into the house at dinnertime to eat. The last few times that I saw our dad, I thought he smelled like he had been smoking weed. Once I even made a joke about the garage smelling just like a pot dispensary plus our dad laughed… After this weekend, I am 100% sure that our dad is smoking weed, though. I was hanging out with a couple of friends plus we opted to go to a pot dispensary on the other side of town, but we were very close to the location, so we decided not to drive back home to go to the cheaper location. Then we decided to order our marijuana supplies using the online system. My friends plus I were going to use delivery, but we didn’t want to wait several hours for our stuff. I was sitting in the car, while Tom went into the dispensary to load up all of our marijuana supplies… While I was in the car, I saw a truck pull into the parking lot. As soon as I saw the license plate of the truck, I knew that it was our dad! And then sure enough, he jumped out of the truck and went into the pot dispensary. Dad was still inside of the store when our neighbor came outside with all of our items. Tom said that he saw our dad inside and he tried to say hello, but our dad tried to avoid eye contact!

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