My friend started her own legal cannabis delivery service

When my good friend Diana told me that she was going to open up her own legal cannabis delivery service, I could barely believe my ears.

She has always been a huge proponent of legal cannabis products, especially since she beat cancer several years ago. She used all kinds of legal weed products back when she was sick so that she could get through the pain. It also helped her to get her appetite back when she was dealing with chemotherapy. Diana used a legal marijuana product delivery service to get all of her marijuana products delivered to her at her own home during that time, and she said that the delivery guy was like an angel! Along with the marijuana product delivery, they would also bring her pretzels, fruit smoothies, and sometimes even a CD or some balloons. She developed a friendship with the legal marijuana product delivery service people and she decided that when she got better, that was exactly the kind of work that she wanted to get into, now that she has been in remission for a few of years, she is finally ready to start up her very own legal cannabis product delivery services and she can’t wait to get started. I’m so proud of her for fighting so long and hard and for following her dreams! I know that she will be amazing at doing legal marijuana delivery for people who are unable to get out and purchase their own cannabis products. I know Diana will certainly be able to give back to the community in a huge way.

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