My mom’s light room is not for tomatoes

My family still does Christmas lists even though all the kids are adults now. Of course my mom sends out her list too. This year I was surprised at some of the items on my mom’s Christmas list. Number one was a light room. She also had some climate control items on her list. When I asked my mom if she was starting a medical grow room for marijuana she said no. She wanted the light room for her tomatoes. Then she went on and on about how her prize winning tomatoes die every year because of the snow. Right Mom! Anyhow, my siblings and I got her the light room and other grow equipment. We bugged her about pot growing but she kept insisting it was for her tomatoes. Still, when I visited in February I saw her poor prize winning tomato plant out dead in the snow. “So what is in the light room?” I asked. Mom avoided the question and didn’t want me to peek inside. I did anyway. Sure enough, Mom was growing cannabis in her light room. I laughed when I found it. She talked about her arthritis and MS and made a lot of excuses. I reminded her that marijuana is legal and she is free to grow it if she wants. None of us will judge her. She still seemed shy about it. I am just happy that my is is less of a prude now that she is older. I hope she grows some seriously fine marijuana and that it helps her with her aches and pains.


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