My sister is treating autism with CBD

I have a younger sister Carol who has autism.

She is 21 years old & she struggles with everyday challenges.

It is frustrating to her to not be able to live on her own. She gets stressed about things the rest of us take for granted. I talked with Carol about it and she complained to me hard it is for her to talk to people. She didn’t feel confident enough to apply for a steady job. Carol gets extremely agitateI & isn’t able to function in the world on her own. I started researching options to help her and learned about CBD. It has been proven effective in treatments for people who have autism. I spoke with my sister about the benefits of CBD & she agreed to give it a try. She wanted my reassurance that it was safe. Carol started taking CBD oil at night and taking CBD edibles during the day. In a short amount of time, we noticed a difference. She has continued to improve steadily. Carol now has an easier time meeting and talking to people. She has even been talking about getting a job. I was surprised that my shy sister suddenly had the confidence to go after an actual job. If she feels ready for something like, I will definitely encourage her to go for it. I am really happy for her. When our family heard that Carol was taking CBD, they were a bit concerned. At first, they thought I was giving my sister drugs. I told them how CBD is natural medicine from the cannabis plant. Even though some people take THC, CBD has none of the properties that cause the high sensation. It is completely legal & is highly beneficial for people with various ailments. When they realized how good Carol was feeling because of the CBD, they finally agreed it was a smart idea.

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