My younger sibling wants to go to school to become a marijuana grower

While I was getting straight A’s in grade school, our younger sibling struggled constantly.

My parents had to hire a private tutor in elementary school to avoid him getting held back in sixth grade. I started school the same year he entered high school. I remember clearly how much he struggled while in those numerous years. Even though I was tied up with our undergraduate education, our parents were constantly talking about our sibling’s struggles whenever they talked to me on the iPhone. At one point they had me tutoring him for English exams via webcam. Few of us expected him to even apply to school, let alone finish high school with passing grades. He surprised all of us when he swiftly brought home a B in biology class. Apparently he was particularally fascinated with botany and plants in general. His intention from that moment moving forward was to put all of his energy behind his education in the sciences. Eventually he was accepted into a state school and started his botany degree. Little did we know, however our sibling’s long term was to become a marijuana grower. Our state had a medical cannabis law in venue when he started school, however by the time he graduated we had passed a law legalizing recreational cannabis sales. He took his botany degree and got a task at one of the large marijuana companies in the state. Now he’s a junior grower for the head of cultivation. I’m proud that our sibling found something in life that he’s great at and is a passion at the same time.

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