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A lot of my buddies care about Bob Marley almost as much as I do and I’m certainly happy about that

I have always been a sizable fan of Bob Marley. With my appreciation of his rock n roll, I have also adored his lifestyle. This is why I started smoking cannabis at a younger age. There was nothing better than jamming out to his music while smoking some cannabis. There is a certain fun quality to it. I love getting a group of friends over, rolling a joint and listening to his music. Sometimes I write music and sometimes I paint. I feel so creative when I smoke. It is easier now than ever to smoke marijuana. Not only are there more recreational cannabis dispensaries popping up, but there are mobile cannabis vans too. You can actually go to a dispensary and get delivery, like with a pizza. You call them up, place your order and pay the cannabis van. It makes it a more fun experience. I love placing an order when I have a few friends over. Some of us try out something new on the menu. Others just prefer to hang out and take some puffs of the cannabis flower, and that’s alright too. A lot of my buddies care about Bob Marley almost as much as I do and I’m certainly happy about that. The more people who are touched by this appealing rock n roll, the better we are off. Rock n roll is all about peace and loving your fellow people in the world. Smoking a new strain of weed while listening to one of the greatest musicians in the world is one of my favorite things to do.

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Cannabis is not so bad after all

For a while I was a hater about cannabis.

I was big on cannabis and it is addictive.

I did call it a gateway drug at one point in my life. I figured anyone who smoked pot was a loser. They did not have a real job, never would amount to anything and live a trashy lifestyle. Anyone who has a drug dealer can’t be successful. I started changing my mind when marijuana was being used for medicinal purposes. When cancer sufferers were relying on marijuana I started listening. When medical marijuana dispensaries began popping up I thought weed might not be as bad I previously believed. Then it seemed like everyone is smoking for recreational purposes and nothing bad has come of it. Recently CBD has been launched. This is the part of the plant that doesn’t get you high. People use it to help with pain or even to sleep better at night. Now I have tried it for the first time and I loved it. I take CBD oil every night and I love that I can pick it up at the local cannabis dispensary. I also love trying new kinds of edibles. The reason I like to take CBD is that I never really enjoyed the ‘high’ that comes with partaking of cannabis. I realize that there are several medicines out there that will put you under, and the ‘high’ from THC isn’t so bad compared to many, but I would rather keep a clear head if possible. I am able to enjoy some of the benefits from cannabis with CBD and also keep a clear head, which suits me fine. Cannabis really is not so bad once you give it a try.

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Cannabis has a bad rep for no reason

I have to wonder why so many people lie about things all the time.

  • I mean, I know there’s nothing wrong with a simple fib.

I know telling our kids about Santa Claus isn’t terrible. Nobody is getting harmed by this lie at all. But, there are lies that really can affect people. Our government is quite a liar when it comes to cannabis. How is it that they made such a beneficial plant look so bad? It’s crazy to read up about the cannabis plant. It used to grow everywhere, it is called ‘weed’ because of that. It just so happens that all kinds of weeds and herbs have tons of medicinal properties that we are not aware of. You won’t learn anything about it in our classrooms either, that’s for certain. Why would they want to confess that they have been lying about how bad cannabis is? I have done quite a bit of research and have talked to several budtenders at cannabis dispensaries. Cannabis is actually a great drug too take and is all natural. It is nothing like popping pills and getting addicted. There is no addictive quality at all. You can even smoke cannabis and not get high. CBD products have only the good portions of the plant that reduce chronic pain, stress and increase appetite. Cancer suffers, PTSD and seizures all see benefits from cannabis. Why do people still think the drug is bad? Why can’t the government get on board with pot being good? The school systems really should educate young minds on weed and the good benefits. Show the other side to the story.

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Recreational cannabis is not that bad

My parents recently decided to open up a cannabis dispensary.

At first it was all about medical marijuana because that is the program that was allowed in our state.

Eventually, they decided to legalize recreational marijuana in our area. I have to say that this was all unquestionably shocking to me because in school I was always taught at school about how marijuana is a gateway drug. Marijuana was just the start of some really dangerous narcotics. I have since changed my tune. My parents did a lot of research on marijuana before they opened up the cannabis dispensary. They also talked to some of the local budtenders about different cannabis strains. It is amazing how beneficial cannabis products are. Just about everybody can be fixed with a little CBD. You don’t even need to get high either to see the benefits. Some people choose to go to a dispensary and purchase products only with CBD in it. That is the good part of the cannabis plant. You can reduce stress, pain and sleep better at night without getting high. The THC is the portion of the plant that gets you high. A different type of person goes looking for those products. Even smoking for just fun purposes is not bad. If a person wants to reduce stress or just feel mellow, more power to them. I love working at the dispensary and talking to each person finding out their reason for smoking. It is a very different culture than I was taught in school.

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Changing my mind about cannabis

Cannabis helps with appetite, nausea and depression

When the first cannabis dispensary opened up in my town, I was a little skeptical. I did not want to try out all the cannabis products right away. I have to admit, I was unquestionably worried that I would all of the sudden become an addict. After a buddy talked me down and got me to a local cannabis dispensary, I was legitimately amazed by how professional the budtenders were and how the dispensary seemed more like a medical establishment than anything else. I thought it was going to be a bunch of drug dealers or hippies looking to sell me different types of weed. It truthfully wasn’t like that at all. The facility was clean with glass cases filled with all sorts of products. There were strains like OG Kush, Purple Haze and Girl Scout Cookies. I found CBD oil and other CBD infused products. I feel bad for thinking the dispensary was going to be like a seedy gas station. I have come to learn a lot about the benefits of cannabis from going to the local cannabis dispensaries. Now I feel doubly bad because cannabis is actually a good thing for some people. I had been taught that cannabis is basically the most evil drug on the planet. The truth of the situation is that cannabis can help you with different ailments. Cannabis helps with appetite, nausea and depression. You can also sleep better, reduce seizures and even Alzheimer’s patients are relying on cannabis. It is really a helpful drug.



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Cannabis to take away pain

I basically learned everything I need to know about cannabis from a fantastic friend of mine who passed away.

I was really sad when she died, and I smoked a bunch of cannabis in her honor.

I prefer partaking in cannabis, it helps me in so many ways. Sometimes I use cannabis oil from the local cannabis dispensary to ease my pain if I am suffering. I find that cannabis oil is able to take away from my back pain. It absolutely helps a lot in helping our muscles to reclaim from soreness as well. One style of pain that it does not completely take away though is our neck pain. I tried something else to help relieve our neck pain. I decided to get a foam roller. It’s basically a yoga roller where you can roll your back across the wheel and all the points in your neck will pop. The relief from the neck pain just melts away and it’s charming. It’s also fun doing yoga poses after smoking a bit of cannabis that I just picked up fresh from the cannabis dispensary! One thing I really like about our local cannabis dispensary is the fact that they always have something new and so several strains of cannabis flowers. I suppose one thing for certain, I would be in a world of pain and stress without our cannabis. I really wouldn’t even be here this day because I don’t know if I could have coped through the years.



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Cannabis makes everyone happy

You might find this a little odd perhaps, but I know world peace can be possible.

If everybody in the world just sat down and talked to each other and smoked a few blunts together, I suppose that would solve all our issues. When people smoke cannabis as a group, people tend to connect and laugh with each other. We are able to get past our small problems and form bonds that might not exist without the pot. It might seem weird to people who don’t understand the medicinal values of using cannabis, but it’s a medicine that helps people in more ways than we can even understand. Everybody is equipped with an endocannabinoid system and that is what regulates all the essential functions in our bodies. It regulates everything from how you feel to how the two of us rest during the night. It helps our bodies to heal from all sorts of concerns including physical and mental issues. This is why people prefer to smoke cannabis recreationally, due to it helps them believe better in life. So several people are sad and depressed or agitated and angry, but cannabis helps to relieve those concerns and we are able to naturally look at the brighter side of life. Not only is cannabis a powerful medicine, but it is incredibly healthy. Nobody has died from overdosing on cannabis and they never will. If anybody tries to say they have, they are pushing propaganda or flat out fibbing for whatever reason. If you want to learn more about cannabis, make sure to head to your local cannabis dispensary.

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Don’t want anymore war

I entirely wish more people would kick back and take it easy in the world this week.

Why are so many people violent and why does our government want to wage war 24/7? I don’t suppose I’ve ever known a time where we were at peace with other nations. We really should strive for world peace, but it seems something like that would never happen. I absolutely am a big fan of cannabis. I entirely started taking cannabis because of listening to my favorite musician, Bob Marley. I have learned that cannabis helps you to become more one with yourself and relax, and just about everybody I have ever met who happens to smoke cannabis is more of a peaceful person. It absolutely makes me suppose that if more people would turn to cannabis, more people would be peaceful, but cannabis literally could save the world! Think about it, if the group of us get into some kind of high powered war, the group of us are doomed. There is no coming back from the damage the group of us would cause and the countless lives that would be ended. Yet, the governments of the world continue to grow the many piles of nuclear weapons and the group of us are closer to death than we know. I just wish that cannabis would be legalized across the globe and everybody would wake up to the beauty and good points of this miraculous plant. If everybody could have access to cannabis dispensaries with all the fantastic cannabis products, the world would certainly be a better place.

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A powerful kind of oil

I have a story that a lot of people might find difficult to believe.

I was diagnosed with phase 3 cancer roughly a few years ago.

I was devastated to hear the news but I wasn’t going to give up on myself. I have heard a lot of horror stories about people going through chemotherapy and radiation, and for lots of people it doesn’t pan out too well. Even for those who are able to beat the sickness, they go through the chemo and the pain. I wanted to find a natural way to beat the cancer so I started looking around. I learned to eat a healthy and nutritious diet and I learned about how cannabis works with cancer patients. Then somebody told me about something called RSO. This is known as Rick Simpson Oil which is basically just cannabis oil extracted directly from cannabis flowers; Rick Simpson is the person that claims to have cured a ton of people who suffered from cancer. These people don’t have to go through chemotherapy and radiation. I figured I had nothing to lose because either the chemo or the cancer was going to kill me, so I decided to make RSO oil from the cannabis plant I got from the Cannabis Dispensary. That RSO oil is really powerful and it absolutely knocks you out. This is what it is supposed to do as the cannabis fights the cancer in your body and the more rest you get, the better. It took about 3 weeks and I was able to beat the cancer! You might not believe it, but I encourage you to look up RSO oil and learn about what it does.
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A more natural drug

I suppose it’s pressing for people to have the freedom to choose. Here the group of us live in what I would call a free country, but in some places, we don’t have the freedom to use several medicines like cannabis. I speak about cannabis because it’s a single of the most medicinal and beneficial plants in the entire world, yet it remains not allowed in certain locales. The truth is that cannabis should never have been made illegal to begin with and it bothers me tremendously that it remains not allowed in some locales. Have you ever gone to a court where they are trying cannabis situations? It’s the most silly nonsense I have ever heard and it made me realize that a lot of these courts are really wrong. To treat this amazing medicine like it is something bad is the worst thing that people could do nowadays. We could be saving countless lives with cannabis and use it for all types of charming things. It’s a fantastic thing that more states are allowing cannabis and cannabis dispensaries to open up in the various states. The more cannabis dispensaries and professional staff members working, the more people will not be ignorant about this remarkable medicine… Let’s face it, more people need natural herbs with no side effects. I would never try any of the man-made drugs that they talk to you about on TV. There are so many side effects to it. It just doesn’t seem like a safe idea.

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