My sister is treating autism with CBD

I have a younger sister Carol who has autism.

She is 21 years old & she struggles with everyday challenges.

It is frustrating to her to not be able to live on her own. She gets stressed about things the rest of us take for granted. I talked with Carol about it and she complained to me hard it is for her to talk to people. She didn’t feel confident enough to apply for a steady job. Carol gets extremely agitateI & isn’t able to function in the world on her own. I started researching options to help her and learned about CBD. It has been proven effective in treatments for people who have autism. I spoke with my sister about the benefits of CBD & she agreed to give it a try. She wanted my reassurance that it was safe. Carol started taking CBD oil at night and taking CBD edibles during the day. In a short amount of time, we noticed a difference. She has continued to improve steadily. Carol now has an easier time meeting and talking to people. She has even been talking about getting a job. I was surprised that my shy sister suddenly had the confidence to go after an actual job. If she feels ready for something like, I will definitely encourage her to go for it. I am really happy for her. When our family heard that Carol was taking CBD, they were a bit concerned. At first, they thought I was giving my sister drugs. I told them how CBD is natural medicine from the cannabis plant. Even though some people take THC, CBD has none of the properties that cause the high sensation. It is completely legal & is highly beneficial for people with various ailments. When they realized how good Carol was feeling because of the CBD, they finally agreed it was a smart idea.

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CBD effectively combats arthritis pain

For many years, I have been dealing with arthritis pain.

I have gotten all sorts of prescriptions from different doctors but the pain never went entirely away. Eventually I started looking for a natural alternative to treat the pain from arthritis. I heard about CBD when I researched online. There seemed to be all the marvelous benefits of this natural medicine. CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant, so I was concerned about how legal it would be to obtain. I discovered that through President Trump, CBD is now legal all across the nation. I tried taking the CBD oil for pain and within two weeks it provided a significant improvement. I am now taking CBD oil every day. It not only helps alleviate the pain in my joints but I’ve gained range of motion and feel better overall. I don’t get the high sensation or anything like that. The CBD eases anxiety, helps me sleep and has given me a new lease on life. I am able to be more active and lead a fuller life. The CBD has taken my aches and pains away. I was skeptical in the beginning. I wondered how an extract from a plant would work for pain when I wasn’t able to find a prescription medicine that worked prior to CBD. There were some painkillers that offered a little relief, but they include harmful side effects and can be heavily addictive. I don’t want to get addicted to anything. CBD is entirely safe & is a beneficial treatment for arthritis pain. Because there are a lot of people who suffer chronic pain, I make sure to spread the word about the rewards of using CBD.


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CBD and THC provide effective treatment against cancer

The THC oil kind of knocks her out and makes her drowsy.

My friend Sara was diagnosed with cancer. She was determined to fight the disease and survive it. I asked her if she was taking cannabis for her symptoms and she said no. Sarah then asked her doctor about cannabis use in addition to the nurse said she didn’t advocate it. I told him about my studies about the possibility of cannabis. I had told Sarah that cannabis was proving effective in scientific studies and showing promise in killing off various types of cancer. I wasn’t an expert on the ins and outs of the subject but I urged the use of THC and CBD. This natural remedy could prove beneficial in her treatment. Sarah wasn’t certain if she should try it or not. We looked up some information and ready success stories from people who claimed they were able to get rid of their cancer through the use of cannabis oil. Sarah got interested in trying it. She purchased CBD oil and THC oil from a medical cannabis dispensary. The THC oil was rather expensive but potent. It is still reasonably priced when compared to conventional medicine. She also took the CBD oil. The THC and CBD worked together to make Sarah feel so much better. She was able to rest more and get her strength back. There was less nausea and she had a bit of an appetite. I’ve learned that CBD oil can help minimize the spread of cancer in the body. I was so hopeful that this would help Sarah improve. With the chemotherapy and radiation, she has been able to get rid of the cancer. The THC oil kind of knocks her out and makes her drowsy. Sarah says that she’s feeling so much better now. She’s really starting to look much healthier and putting on a little weight. I can’t say for sure that the cannabis cured her cancer, but it certainly provided some help with her treatment.

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CBD help to lower my blood pressure

I was super upset when I had a check up with the doctor. He told me that I suffer from high blood pressure. I ended up purchasing my own blood pressure testing equipment so I can check up on it at any time. I was complaining to a friend of mine about my high blood pressure, and she said there were easy and effective things I could do about it. She recommended regular exercise and eating healthier. She also told me I should give CBD oil a try. I had no idea what CBD oil even was. At that point I had never heard of it but was anxious to do something about my blood pressure. My friend said that CBD oil is derived from the cannabis plant. I asked her if this meant it was marijuana and would get me high.She explained that the cannabis plant provides all different properties with various names. I didn’t want to smoke marijauna or get high and couldn’t understand how that would help me with my blood pressure. She explained that CBD isn’t the strain of cannabis that gets you high. It is legal everywhere. She said it was a natural and proven medicine for many health issues, including regulating blood pressure. She explained how we have an endocannabinoid system that can be regulated by ingesting various cannabinoids. The cannabis plant is abundant with these cannabinoids. The most common cannabinoids are THC and CBD. They have been used as a medicine for centuries. I figured I would try exercising, eating a healthy diet, and taking CBD oil. I could always stop using it if it didn’t help. The CBD has solved my blood pressure issues. I’ve been able to significantly lower my blood pressure in a short amount of time. My doctor was surprised and impressed.



CBD to treat severe acne

Apparently, this was my issues and the CBD has been able to work with the endocannabinoid system to regulate my production of this sebum in my glands in the skin

I used to suffer from bad acne. It seemed that nothing I tried would ever get rid of it. Then I heard about CBD. I read about how it can help clear up acne for most people. I thought it wouldn’t hurt to try it. Maybe there would be some other advantages to using CBD even if it did nothing for my acne. I ordered some CBD oil over the internet from a reputable company. When I got the CBD in the mail, I was super excited to try it out. I started taking the CBD right away. It doesn’t take very good but the results have been impressive. The discoloration on my face from my acne started to fade immediately. I also noticed that the acne seemed less irritated within the day. I continued to take the CBD oil and have started applying it directly to my skin to see how that works. The CBD has provided e a miracle cure for me. Over the next few weeks, the acne continued to clear up. By the end of the month, most of my acne had disappeared. I had so much more confidence. After spending a fortune and trying all of various acne treatments, CBD oil was the answer for me! It is reasonably priced, readily available and all natural. I’m not sure that CBD oil will prove effective for everyone but it has been wonderful for me. I’ve learned that acne is the result of the body producing excess sebum. This is the main reason why people suffer from acne. Apparently, this was my issues and the CBD has been able to work with the endocannabinoid system to regulate my production of this sebum in my glands in the skin. Plus, the CBD relieved my pain. My skin is now clear and I couldn’t be happier. The CBD has improved my overall quality of life.



CBD helps alleviate nausea from chemotherapty

Martha said it made her feel much better, eased the pain and prevented nausea.

I have a friend who has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Martha has been going through chemotherapy treatments and radiation. She looks like she is in bad shape. She’s lost weight and has little energy. I worry that she’s not going to survive it. I see that she continually sick and feeling nauseous. I asked Martha if she’d thought about trying cannabis to help with her symptoms. She responded that she didn’t like the feeling of being high. Then I told her about CBD. I had heard that CBD was proving helpful for cancer patients, alleviating the nausea and vomiting. I had read that CBD didn’t cause a high sensation. It is entirely natural and contains no THC. It’s been offering relief from anxiety and pain for a wide variety of concerns. So Martha agreed to try some CBD oil if I could buy it for her. The CBD wasn’t difficult to obtain. I simply drove to the cannabis dispensary and spoke with the budtender. I asked what type of CBD oil was recommended for somebody with cancer. When Martha tried the CBD oil, she immediately felt so much better. I saw a return of the spark in her eyes and some color in her cheeks. She even laughed and had a bit of an appetite again. The CBD oil has made all the difference for her. Martha said it made her feel much better, eased the pain and prevented nausea. She said she was interested in trying the different strains of cannabis but was unwilling to have that feeling of being high. I was relieved that the CBD worked so well for Marth. I am now hopeful that she can make it through this ordeal with cancer.



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CBD works to treat addiction

I have a buddy who was completely addicted to opiates.

Mark became very depressed over his addiction and I worried about him. I became determined to help him out somehow. I researched about how to alleviate triggers for addiction. As I was checking into different options, I stumbled across a website supporting the benefits of CBD oil. I read that CBD has been proven to treat concerns with addiction. It seems to help with all kinds of addiction without side effects. CBD has worked for people who are addicted to both tobacco and opiates. So I talked to Mark to see if he would be willing to try CBD oil to kick his opiate addiction. Mark said he was willing to try anything at this point in time. So we made the trip to a cannabis dispensary in our local area to check out their CBD products. Mark was interested in the CBD oil and the budtender talked him into a few edibles. When Mark tried CBD for the first time, he said it was a huge improvement. He felt the pain and stress lessen. He was able to substitute taking CBD for using opiates, and his depression started to go away as well. Mark didn’t feel as anxious or stressed out all the time.Using the CBD oil and edibles was a miracle cure for him. He said he preferred the edibles, but the CBD oil was a more practical solution because it lasts longer. After just a few weeks, Mark was no longer taking opiates at all. He thanked me for telling him about CBD oil. I believe the CBD saved Mark’s life. It certainly improved his quality of life.


Getting better sleep with CBD

I plan to do further research into CBD to figure how it works so well

For most of my life, I have had difficulty sleeping at night. I suffer from severe insomnia. It seems like I can never enjoy a full night’s rest. That was the situation until a friend recommended that I should try CBD oil. When I heard about CBD oil, I wasn’t certain if it would help me. I had tried all kinds of sleeping pills and those frequently didn’t work for me. But I ultimately decided that it wouldn’t hurt. From what I read, it seemed that CBD oil is entirely safe. It is derived from a plant and is all natural. The cannabis plant has proved effective in treating all kinds of things. So I tried CBD oil and edibles that I purchased from a local cannabis dispensary. I was amazed. For the first time in years, I was really able to sleep soundly! I fell asleep very easily and stayed asleep. When I woke up in the morning, I felt refreshed, well-rested and rejuvenated! I am not exactly sure how the CBD works, but I have continued taking it so that I can sleep better at night! Other people immediately noticed a difference in me as well. I was obviously much more alert. I felt happier and a sharper focus. I wasn’t exhausted. At work, everyone thought I was acting like a new person. I used to have difficulties with depression simply because I could never sleep. These days, on the CBD, I am so much happier. I plan to do further research into CBD to figure how it works so well. It really works, that’s for sure. I am more relaxed and less stressed because of the CBD, which is fantastic.
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Doing my cannabis sales courses online

When I was in college I was able to take one class online, and I rocked it. I am way better as an online student. In person I tend to daydream, doodle and not pay attention. When the course is online based, I put 100% into it so I can be done. When I decided to work as a budtender at the local dispensary, I knew I had to take my cannabis courses online. There are endless courses for a budtender to take online. I first did online marijuana sales training. Recreational dispensaries want the budtenders to sell the right products and more to gain money. I needed the sales training in order to lean my pitch, build customer relations and feel confident in my knowledge. I also took an online marijuana products training. I am not a cannabis user at all. I did not know what CBD was or what products were infused with it. I also did not know what cannabis products helped for what issue. The courses were super helpful and allowed me to get hired in my dispensary right way. What was nice is that the dispensary manager had the entire team do sales training for the dispensary. I was able to do online dispensary team education. This is where I learned to work with my fellow budtenders. I am able to use them to help me get sales and to learn more from them. Doing the online courses allowed me to really take my time, get my notes down and actually learn the information rather than just zone out.


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My parents were wrong about pot

My amazing mother always said that she would never try pot! Pot is the evil gateway drug that mostly burnouts and men and women with no tasks smoke! Once she was taken care of with cancer, she was willing to give it a try in order to get rid of her nausea, then my mother was worried since she had to get her prescription at a medical marijuana dispensary.

She was picturing a seedy, gas station type of place with all sorts of people that had dreadlocks plus tie dye shirts! A medical dispensary is a lot different, however, for starters, the actual facility is more care about a doctor’s office with a waiting room, appointment time and separate office to fill up the prescription.

The budtenders in the area are more like doctors than what you would assume. We ended up talking to the budtender handling the prescription. My mother wanted to recognize if he was very trained in what he did. The budtender relaxed about telling her about his courseload. I guess that the medical marijuana you need to be healer certified; He took in person and online cannabis education classes. He l received about the cannabis science, how to be a budtender and medicinal cannabis 101. My budtender even signed up with a cannabis education group. Apparently he frequently goes to seminars that give the latest information in the cannabis industry. He also keeps up with his education and also takes more classes once he has time. My mother was relieved to hear that the budtender was so on it with his training. The person actually knew what he was prescribing to her plus why. Also, due to budtender training, he was excellent at making my mother comfortable.


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