They have so much to choose from

If a new business comes to our neighborhood it is a big deal.

Our whole neighborhood is located near the edge of a lake.

But, it sort of devolved into a mixture of banks, doctors offices and automobile lots now. So when I saw that a new local cannabis spot was opening up, I was super excited for it. Since marijuana has been okayed, I have been forced to go quite a distance to get our cannabis products. Even then, that dispensary was not that wonderful. Sure, they had cannabis products however the selection and cost was a bit must if you ask me. Now, all I have to do is take a walk to get to our local cannabis shop. This marijuana company is way better than the old one I used to shop at. The variety and smell of the cannabis is quite impressive to say the least. I entirely guess I could shop there once a month for a few years and not try the same cannabis product two times in a row. The edibles alone are quite a selection. There is an entire portion of fudge that has either CBD or THC in it. There are caramels, cocoa puffs and candies too. I can even get all kinds of spreads that have THC in them. I like that the dispensary has so much of a selection for me. I can even try concentrates or topicals, which are a few things I never knew about before. I have been quite impressed with our new, local cannabis spot. And I plan to shop there frequently to keep it in business.

Cannabis cafe

It has changed since legalization

I’m so ecstatic to have the help of budtenders too

I haven’t entirely expanded my mind when it comes to trying different kinds of weed. I started out knowing entirely little about recreational weed. I grew up in a time and place where having access to pot wasn’t a thing. Yeah, I entirely didn’t pursue recreational marijuana at all. There were friends who could get me what I needed when I wanted it. Although, there was never any real consistency in weight or type. And then there was the whole safety facet of the entire thing. It just seemed to be more of a job than it was entirely worth. But with the legal marijuana allowed now, recreational marijuana is something that I can experience for the 1st time ever. I entirely never thought there would come a time where I could simply go into a store for our cannabis. When medical marijuana was okayed, I began to hold out hope that recreational marijuana wouldn’t be too far behind. And sure enough, it actually was legalized. Now, it’s safe and easy to pick up what you want. Some afternoons I will take a trip to treat myself. I will go to the local cannabis spot to have a look at all the cannabis products. I still am amazed each time I walk through the doors of the cannabis shop. It simply blows our mind that I am in a store and shopping for cannabis products. I’m so ecstatic to have the help of budtenders too. I never was able to talk to anyone who knew anything real about cannabis. They are smart, sweet and entirely kind. These folks listen to my needs and are able to pair me with the right product.

Marijuana cafe

It is a better way to shop

I dislike when I have to deal with crowds.

  • I do not like being shepherded into a shopping outlet or a bank.

It’s terrible and I hate it when I feel like a bunch of cats being moved. This is a big reason why I tend to stick to local vendors for our goods and services. The shopping experience is far better as well. Plus, I would like to supply a lady cash rather than a faceless corporation. So, I was so ecstatic to make our first foray to the current marijuana company near me. The thing that drew me inside was the fact that it prided itself in its personal shopping experience. There wasn’t any sort of wild crowd pushing to get their cannabis products. Nah, I was greeted by a spotless, finely organized marijuana company that was good with customer service. I had the time to shop around too. I was able to find some sativa strains that I had always wanted to try. Then there were the edibles. I just like cannabis edibles. This is our favorite kind of cannabis. While I will use flower, I much prefer it when it is hidden in something with chocolate or sugar. It is so much easier for me to consume and I enjoy that the high feeling sneaks up on me! And all the cannabis edible varieties will keep myself and others exploring for a long time to come. From pot brownies to cake, it’s a must buy at the local cannabis spot. However, it is also the shopping experience that I like too.
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That kind of business always does well

Perhaps it isn’t exactly the right time to start a new business with all the health and economic complications.

But, if that business happens to be in cannabis products, I don’t think it will matter at all.

Each time I walk by the newest local cannabis dealer, there are lines of people going in and out. This entirely should come as no real shock given how desperate people once were for legal access to weed. I had been one of the people anxiously waiting for legalization of marijuana. I am so glad that I can purchase legal weed now. This is good because I no longer have to make our way to a different location and get our cannabis products. I have a buddy who makes pot laced chocolate. She was the one who gave me the heads up that the local cannabis spot was coming. And it’s just such a good place to be. The range of marijuana items is entirely good as well. You can find just about what you want. Girl Scout Cookies or Purple Haze could be on the menu if you like. There are sativas, indicas and a bunch of hybrid strains too. The marijuana company has just been booming in a time when more than 2 other suppliers have been suffering big losses. My favorite part of the local cannabis spot is the cannabis cafes that have been popping up. Going down to a cafe for a snack and just hanging out is the best. There is just something so relaxing about it.


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She can get what she needs now

Plus, I’m so thankful that Darla is finally off of all those pills.

I enjoy how so much of life can stay identical to what it always has been. There are some little divots along the path though. There are changes that happen that seem tiny, however turn out to be a big thing. I got a call from my wife Darla recently when she was coming home from work. Darla wanted me to stop by the local cannabis dispensary to pick up her cannabis order. This was something that for a longtime wasn’t allowed. Now, it’s totally a thing. Darla and I have been together for over 16 years. During that time, her and I have enjoyed marijuana from time to time. But because Darla and I live in the right area of the country, we can just purchase what we want and when we want it. Darla and I know shop at a cannabis dispensary that is right here in town. Just thinking that she can call me about her weed order is a great thing. There was a time when access to cannabis products was beyond difficult and down right risky. My wife has found that cannabis works far better in helping to manage her sleeping issues. I have seen this up close and personal and can attest to that fact. Plus, I’m so thankful that Darla is finally off of all those pills. The benefits she gained were far outweighed by the side effects. It is such a delight being able to help her out and having the fix right there in town. It is a natural drug that comes from a plant. I don’t worry as much.
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It should really catch on

I am so happy that my local cannabis dispensary now offers delivery services.

I can grab whatever product I want, the morning I want it and sometimes I can narrow down the time.

That is the way I shop at our local cannabis spot. This is our typical process for ordering cannabis products. It still completely blows my mind that I can do this. Thankfully, our area has now made recreational cannabis allowed. Quick access to cannabis products has been way overdue. Legal marijuana suppliers have made it so our community is flush with cash. I hated the past days where there was so much secrecy and hush hush around getting weed. And no customer knew what kind of strain they were getting or the THC amount. I entirely couldn’t get my weed on a particular morning and in a timeframe I wanted. It was quite a guessing game. Now, the THC levels are clearly put on there as are the strains of the cannabis. I like taking my order online or calling the dispensary. I can even have our cannabis products delivered to me that entirely same morning. Not almost everyone is doing this and I’m shocked it hasn’t totally caught on. All I have to do is place the order, pay for it and then go about my morning. When I get home, the cannabis items will be on our doorstep. I just still can’t believe it’s as easy as all that. But it is and I sure am happy. It wasn’t all that long ago when smoking wasn’t allowed.



Able to try a lot of things out

I am so completely glad that our laws are starting to showcase the times and attitudes.

It just seemed so odd that I can purchase a bunch of wine in a store however get arrested for using ganja. That made entirely no sense to me. Plus, I was a big wine gal and only used pot on occasion. Thankfully, our community is now allowed legal access to weed through a good marijuana business. In fact, a local cannabis spot recently opened up in our community. After the initial blow in of customers, I decided to check out this local cannabis spot. I was not at all disappointed with what I located. And I had no real clue what to expect. I have shared some marijuana with friends at different times throughout our adult life. But, I don’t know if I ever bought any. So, when I walked into the local cannabis spot, I was completely blown away by all the choices. It was an amazing sight to behold, all the different strains and smoking devices. The staff was good and helped me find the best cannabis strain that might suit me. I started out with a bit of a hybrid. Then they sent myself and others along our way with a few cannabis edibles to experiment with. It’s going to be enjoyable having this cannabis dispensary in our community. It has been long overdue. I guess that I will take full advantage of this; There is a lot for me to try.

Marijuana delivery

Able to get medical pot now

When I was a girl, I would occasionally smoke some recreational marijuana. Those days were when there entirely wasn’t all that big of a fight over it. I was just looking to relax with our friends. That sort of lifestyle was entirely carefree. Second, there also wasn’t such a thing as medical marijuana. Then I started my job and I sort of had to put away any sort of recreational marijuana use. This went on for a long time. Sometimes, I might meet up with a friend to smoke some recreational marijuana. But, it was indeed a truly rare experience. Once our guys had grown, I started to experience some physical and emotional woes. Fortunately for me, I had access to medical marijuana now. I went to a doctor who thought that cannabis would be much better for myself and others than pharmaceuticals. She started me on a strain of Indica cannabis products. This worked really, entirely well. So, she had me go back to the cannabis dispensary to understand more about cannabis products. The local cannabis spot was a location I could entirely get to. I had noticed that it was a cannabis dispensary when it opened to a good deal of fanfare. But, I had no clue what a life changing thing this cannabis dispensary would end up being for me. It is completely certain that cannabis has given myself and others the life I have always wanted. I am free of the physical and emotional complications that were ruining our job, relationship and other things in our life.

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Finding something that worked

The addition of medical marijuana has completely changed the way I live life.

I am not exaggerating at all.

Prior to medical grade cannabis, I was on and off a variety of prescriptions in order to just get through our day to day. It was a mess of doctors who gave me a drug after another in an effort to find something that worked. Thankfully, I came upon a doctor who commanded that I try something unique. She commanded that I try medical marijuana. At this point, I was super excited to try anything other than another pill. My initial trip to the cannabis shop was actually our first step toward taking our life back. I learned all about the different cannabis strains which had the potential to help me. What I did not expect was the fact that medical marijuana worked almost right out. I felt better using cannabis than I had with any other pill that was supposed to be the latest and greatest. The nice people at the marijuana dispensary did a great job of pairing me with the right Indica strain. I felt better than I had in a long time. I could not even remember feeling so happy and calm. Once I got into discovering the different Indica strains, I was able to further dial in the best cannabis medicine for me. Occasionally using an oil is what I do, and I have tried a cannabis oil pen. It is easy to hide, carry and use when I need it.
Cannabis delivery service

Finally something great happened

Our community just got a good big raise not that long ago.

There has been such ups and downs here that the community was overdue for something good to finally happen.

So from losing our local shopping center to the wrecked economy, there hasn’t been much room for good things around here. This has changed thanks to the new addition of a local marijuana dealer having arrived in our town. I knew the cannabis dispensary was coming. But, I had no clue the impact it would actually have on us all. Not only is the part a cannabis dispensary, it also includes a pretty little cannabis shop as well. I know the cannabis shop has been the best thing for us. This local cannabis spot is located in an area where tons of people walk, play in the park and come together to party. I don’t know a marijuana company could have picked a better location. I entirely enjoy going in there to get our Indica products for myself. I have been using recreational marijuana for most of my life. So, I guess the cannabis shop has made it much more reasonable to us all who partake. I like to come in every now and again in order to indulge in some of the delicious cannabis edibles they have offered. They make some very good pot laced chocolate. Having the cannabis cafe has entirely brought some much needed fun and good times back to our community. It couldn’t have come at a better time!

Girl scout cookies