Robbed in the parking lot

I went to a concert with some friends last weekend.

All of us had a ton of fun, but then we got mugged in the parking lot of the venue.

The concert was pretty long and we didn’t leave the venue at all. Whenever the concert was over, we wanted to light up a pre-roll marijuana cigarette to relax. As soon as we got away from the crowd of people, I found a marijuana cigarette in my coat pocket! I grabbed the lighter from my friend and I fired up the end of it. Then we both took turns hitting the marijuana joint while we walked to the car. We were only about three rows from our car when a guy in a mask jumped out from behind a car, and then he told us to supply him all of our marijuana. I thought he was kidding me at first even though he was dead serious. All we had was two marijuana joints in our bag. When he saw that, the guy was unhappy so he demanded all of our purses. Of course, we didn’t know if the gun in his hand was real, so we did what he demanded. All of us tried not to panic as we handed the guy all of our purses. Then he ran away after we all gave him our money. All of us were a little bit shaken up, but the dumb thief didn’t get much more than two joints from us. All of us were all broke after spending our money at the concert on t-shirts and beer. The only thing we had to our name was the marijuana and we had more of that in the car.

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