She can get what she needs now

Plus, I’m so thankful that Darla is finally off of all those pills.

I enjoy how so much of life can stay identical to what it always has been. There are some little divots along the path though. There are changes that happen that seem tiny, however turn out to be a big thing. I got a call from my wife Darla recently when she was coming home from work. Darla wanted me to stop by the local cannabis dispensary to pick up her cannabis order. This was something that for a longtime wasn’t allowed. Now, it’s totally a thing. Darla and I have been together for over 16 years. During that time, her and I have enjoyed marijuana from time to time. But because Darla and I live in the right area of the country, we can just purchase what we want and when we want it. Darla and I know shop at a cannabis dispensary that is right here in town. Just thinking that she can call me about her weed order is a great thing. There was a time when access to cannabis products was beyond difficult and down right risky. My wife has found that cannabis works far better in helping to manage her sleeping issues. I have seen this up close and personal and can attest to that fact. Plus, I’m so thankful that Darla is finally off of all those pills. The benefits she gained were far outweighed by the side effects. It is such a delight being able to help her out and having the fix right there in town. It is a natural drug that comes from a plant. I don’t worry as much.
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