She has my back when I leave

I always look ahead to the weekend.

  • Those are the days that I have off work.

I have been the director of a marijuana shop for 3 years. I had to work my way up the chain to get weekends off. I started at the smallest rung as a front desk clerk plus I worked at the cannabis dispensary for 2 years before I got promoted to a management spot. I only have the weekends off because I have a really competent assistant director that can handle any issue that comes up. I am legitimately happy that he was available plus wanted to work in the medical marijuana field. She is a good neighbor of mine from university plus she recently moved to the area. When she said she was looking for a job, I knew she would be the correct add on to the marijuana dispensary team. My friend is good at doing many unusual jobs plus delegating tasks. She also uses plus grows marijuana too! Yes, she was the perfect addition to the dispensary crew. I am looking forward to my next weekend off, because I have plans with my boyfriend plus his boys. Every one of us are going to spend the whole weekend together for the first time. It’s a sizable step in our relationship plus I am worried. I’ve only met the boys a few other times in the past. In 3 nights, the crew of us are going to the woods plus spending the whole weekend camping plus walking around. I am sure the crew of us will have fun, even though I am still distraught, anxious, plus hoping it goes okay.

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