Show a little caution when trying online cannabis dispensaries

People make some incredibly dumb decisions when they are really scared, or in a hurry, so it is more critical than ever to not panic! Keep your head on your shoulders, and figure out the problems one step at a time instead of stressing out to the max.

Being locked away might make you tempted to start ordering a ton of things online that you would not ordinarily, and you might even start ordering crap you don’t even want to have in your home because you are bored.

Trust me, all of us have all been there at one time or another, but I want to offer a word of caution to you. It’s really important to be extremely cautious about online cannabis dispensaries! First of all, 9 times out of 10 these sites are legitimately bootleg, and not a legit cannabis dispensary. There is no way to really tell that the products you get have the THC levels that are claimed, nor if the CBD oils they are selling have had all the THC removed. When you have an actual cannabis company in front of you, a site with an address and a phone number, you have some confidence that the cannabis will be easily legit. If it isn’t, you can take it back to the cannabis dispensary and yell at the director, or write a bad review for the site on Yelp. These online cannabis dispensaries commonly will list no address or actual phone number. Other than a price there is no actual evidence that they even exist! Don’t make the move to waste your money by taking risks in such a way, take the time to call around your local cannabis dispensaries and make sure to ask if they have delivery services available to you.

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