Smoking at the puppy park

I’m really excited! They opened a new cannabis store right next to the puppy park.

I take my puppy to the park almost four days a week.

I have to in order to burn off some of his steam. However, that time of day, I have almost no steam left. I just want to stand down plus get ready to go to sleep. I usually end up browsing on my computer while my puppy hangs out. However, almost everyday, I wish I had brought a little bit of cannabis with me so I can relax. I regularly forget to do that though. Two afternoons back, I was, once more, wishing that I had brought some marijuana with me when I looked across the road plus noticed a cannabis store. It had not been there before. At least, I do not think it had. I ran across in addition to searching through their display cases. They had a lot of new strains, smoking devices in addition to edibles. So I made my purchase in addition to going back across the road to watch my pet play while I relaxed with my legal weed. I have to say, It was a really great evening. I know I am going to start doing this more often. Maybe even a couple of times a week. There is no reason that both my puppy and I cannot burn off some of the day’s stress together. My puppy does that by running around like a ridiculous lady with the other cats. I do that by burning a little bit of marijuana. With that new weed store across the road, I know my life gets a little better.

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