So glad we smoke instead now

My friends and I used to celebrate with only booze.

It was constantly a large deal on what bars to go to and whose home to start out at.

I hated going out and drinking alcohol. It was so pricey drinking at a bar. I also hated that I constantly needed to go to the bathroom in the gross bar lavatory. I wasn’t a genuinely fun drunk man either. I tended to get entirely loud and aggressive. It wasn’t that odd for me to get into a fight when I drank. The next day I entirely paid for drinking as well. I would get the worst hangovers. I would up chuck, lay in bed all day and have a splitting migraine. Thankfully ever since recreational marijuana had become legal in our state, our buddies don’t drink as much anymore. Now both of us party and smoke weed. Typically our group places an order with the legal pot dispensary and awaits for cannabis delivery. Everyone can select exactly what they want. The prices are not too high and all smoking is done at home. I have access to a clean lavatory, water and any treat I want. I also am way better when I am high. I am happy, creative and genuinely mellow. The next day I feel just as good too. I can work, exercise and go along with our normal day. My friends and I have tons of options with cannabis. I always prefer to smoke but it is not a problem getting an edible for someone.

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