Some good marijuana sales

Marijuana sales in this dispensary are going through the roof due to the fact that our company is giving cannabis delivery.

  • I have been working in the marijuana industry for the past 7 years.

I started now working at the front counter plus now I am an assistant director. It’s clear to see that our sales are up due to the fact the two of us can bring weed to a person’s door. The owner of this marijuana dispensary was not going to offer cannabis delivery, however now there are few choices with the virus heading around every corner, but people are scared plus staying at home plus companies that offer delivery will be the only ones to survive this national pandemic plus global health crisis. I am excited to see that our marijuana sales are not only staying the same, however thriving in this terrible time. Since the dispensary started offering delivery on all marijuana products, the two of us have seen a thirty increase. This is even after I pay delivery drivers, the supplier is still making a big profit. I doubt the owner of this marijuana dispensary will stop delivering even after the virus is no longer an issue. Our shoppers will be accustomed to ordering on the computer and receiving their items the same afternoon. It’s going to be impossible to keep shoppers if there is no delivery since the two of us have been offering it for the past few weeks. Even sales on our smoking supplies have gone up. Every one of us have been selling a bunch of bongs, glass pipes, grinders, papers, plus other smoking accessories.

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