Testing the products

I had never smoked weed until a recreational pot store opened up near me.

In high school cannabis was illegal and I was not the type of woman to use an illegal substance. I also wasn’t going to find a dealer and get cannabis products off the black market. That just didn’t figure well with me, for years I just went not knowing what marijuana was like. I had smelled it at various concerts or college parties but never tried it! When the legal pot store opened up I finally decided to take a hit of it. I wanted to try legal marijuana use. I looked at all the options for consuming cannabis. There were concentrates that I could take to a dab bar and try out. There were flower and cannabis oil products that I could smoke in the vape lounge. I also found edibles varying from syrups, hard candy and gummies. I didn’t absolutely know what method I wanted to try. With each option too, some are sativa or indica. One is for afternoon time use and gives a mind high and 1 is nighttime use for a body high. There are also different levels of THC and CBD in each strain of cannabis. I was totally scared when I was walking around the weed shop. At last a budtender took pity on me and had me trying out odd products right there in the store. I liked that the dispensary had different areas you could try products separate from buying. This allowed me to understand what I enjoyed as a first time user. I didn’t want to buy a bunch of products I would never use.



legal pot store near me