The best dispensaries

I work as a budtender at a local cannabis dispensary. I fell into the job by chance. I have never been a user of marijuana medically or recreationally. I got into the field through a friend. He suggested marijuana science training and it sounded interesting. I learned how marijuana affects patients who suffer from seizures, crohn’s disease, PTSD, glaucoma and other problems. After I completed college, I got the job as a budtender at a local dispensary. The cannabis science training I had was very helpful for me at work. I have in depth knowledge compared to  most of the people I work with. However, despite the training, I was still required to complete cannabis sales training and products training. This taught me how to better sell the medical strains and made me aware of what each of them do. The medical marijuana training was both interesting and helpful. I took these courses through a company that specializes in marijuana product training and sales training. They taught me how to recommend products to minimize risks and maximize rewards. I’m now better able to explain and recommend the different types of medical marijuana to customers. I participated in mock training with pretend clients. I recommended products to seasoned cannabis users and brand new medical marijuana clients who have no clue what to get. As a budtender, I realize that it is my job to be aware of  the effects of the products I recommend. Also, I have a responsibility to make everyone aware of those effects. I want every customer to leave the dispensary feeling confident and happy with their purchase.