The important difference between medical and recreational marijuana

All of the debate over marijuana lately, has caused a lot of confusion for those that are new to the subject. Medical marijuana and recreational marijuana are actually the same thing. There are many types of marijuana but, in the end, they are still marijuana. The difference between medical marijuana and recreational marijuana is the legality. Many states have already adopted the legal dispensing of medical marijuana. There are many rules and regulations to medical marijuana. The doctor needs to prescribe the marijuana and they need to give you the ability to get a medical marijuana card. The patient then purchases their card and they can purchase marijuana at designation cannabis dispensaries. There are not as many states that have legalized recreational marijuana. In those states that do have legalized marijuana for recreational use, you may find that they have separate dispensaries for medical and recreational. At times, they will combine the medical with the recreational, into one cannabis dispensary. For those who don’t have a medical marijuana card, you are able to go to any cannabis dispensary and get the marijuana to help with your pain, or other condition that may be helped by using marijuana. Marijuana industry is constantly changing and growing. There are new products being offered all the time. Although it sounds very confusing, even for someone who has been using marijuana for quite a while, but it is really quite simple. By going to a marijuana dispensary and asking questions, you can easily have most of your questions answered. Many dispensaries can even give you reading material to help you understand more.


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