The medical cannabis dispensary offers more variety than usual

Becoming a legal medical cannabis patient was an extravagantly pricey ordeal.

I had to file my application with the state board with a $68 fee, plus an additional charge when they were issuing my card.

The initial consultation was $350, plus every subsequent visit costs $150. So assuming it’s your 4th or 5th year of being a patient, you’re looking at paying the dentist fee every several months plus the extra charge for the card once each year. Even if you’re wealthy, it’s a costly and extravagant endeavor to be a medical cannabis patient in my state. I do not care for having to spend as much money as I do to keep my marijuana card, however it’s worth it. I use legal cannabis medicinally, because the sketchy stuff you’d find on the street is a far cry from the clean plus lab grown marijuana that is sold by the premiere cannabis stores in my state. I was surprised when the state government voted to expand into recreational cannabis after just several years of having legal medical cannabis dispensaries. Some would wonder why you’d continue to spend money these outrageous fees to be a medical cannabis patient if you could buy it recreationally. The issue is that I don’t have to spend money the sizable taxes on your cannabis products at each point of contact. The other reason is that sometimes the medical dispensaries have a better stock of whole blossom flower plus high THC concentrates. They also offer free cabin delivery while the recreational cannabis dispensaries are mostly in-person shopping stores only. The few recreational marijuana retail stores that offer cabin delivery charge outrageous fees. You can expect to spend my $25 to get a single order delivered, which is more than a single jar of whole flower cannabis.
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