The medical card means not worrying about my nosy neighbors

Several months ago, my neighbor decided to call the cops when she smelled cannabis in the backyard of my house! I was resting out back by the pool with a marijuana joint in my hand when the police officer pulled into the driveway. As soon as I saw the law enforcement officer, I knew the neighbor called to complain, the police officer told myself and others she was there to investigate a complaint about pot smoke. I asked the officer if my neighbor was the lady who made the call, but she would not give myself and others any names. The police officer asked myself and others if I was smoking marijuana in the backyard as well as I easily frankly told him yes. I have a medical marijuana card that allows myself and others to consume cannabis as well as marijuana products from the safety as well as privacy of my own home. The officer asked to see the medical marijuana card. I swiftly got the card from my purse… After I confirmed that I was a legal medical marijuana user, she politely asked myself and others to go inside so I wouldn’t bother the neighbor with the smoke. I politely responded to the officer by saying no. I’m on my own property as well as I am not tearing any laws. If I want to sit on the back porch as well as smoke a joint, that is my right. The officer didn’t really say much to my response. She just shook her head as well as told myself and others to have a good afternoon. I think my rights as well as I think my nosy neighbor needs to mind her own business.



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