The natural way

My boyfriend in addition to myself usually celebrate all of the holidays together.

This year, one of those holidays included Easter.

My boyfriend thought it was silly to involve Easter, because his family in addition to himself never celebrated that as a holiday. They didn’t grow up with any religion and addition to the fact that they didn’t celebrate Easter as a holiday. They didn’t even get my boyfriend an Easter basket filled with yummy candies, toys, or close. That was something I really wanted to do for our first Easter together, so I bought a basket that looks like a good one for my boyfriend. I found some of his favorite things, like raspberry cream eggs and peanut butter truffles. One thing that my boyfriend really loves is smoking marijuana. He smokes a lot of marijuana and has been doing so since he was in high school. My boyfriend and I don’t live in an area that has edibles, but a friend of mine was over to the other side of the country and found some edible jelly beans that were filled with cannabis. My friend picked up the cannabis filled Jelly Bean so that I could give them to my partner as a gift. The jelly beans that are filled with cannabis are in different flavors like blueberry, strawberry, in addition to watermelon. I know my guy is going to be so happy to see these marijuana-infused jelly beans. I hope they pack a serious punch, so he’ll be higher than a kite on our first Easter together.



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