The way cannabis makes you feel

The people I spend my days with in addition to myself believe that natural healing is much better than using a pill.

Pills come with distinct side effects that can be a number of things from causing death, cancers, in addition to a myriad of different problems.

It certainly seems like an awful thing to tell someone that they should take a pill every time there is something going on. In my own opinion, I have the type of beliefs that folks would not agree with in my church. Even though I am Christian, I certainly do believe that medical use of marijuana is far better than pharmaceutical companies trying to pick our pocket. I consistently believe that every person is entitled to their own opinion, but I also believe that works both ways. The people I was with an addition to myself will be using marijuana to control our chronic back pains. The Cannabis helps in a way that none of those opioids ever have been able to. What’s even better, as I don’t wake up with a woozy feeling plus I don’t have to worry about operating heavy machinery on those awful pills. I spoke with my family a couple of times about my marijuana usage, plus the minute that I bring it up they turn it into a big ordeal. I think that marijuana is much better than taking a pill, but a lot of folks would not agree with that opinion. Luckily, my opinion is the only one that matters when it comes to putting things in my body.


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