There’s a modern cannabis store with curbside pickup plus delivery

Surprisingly, I actually hated it when I was working as a reporter for a local newspaper.

It was pretty great when I started out as a contractual freelance worker because the demands plus expectations for each assignment were made clear plus consistent from a single week to the next.

They did not charge myself and others nearly half as much to do the same assignments or to work the same number of hours. I believed becoming a salaried news writer would be my childhood dream come true. For once I could finally see myself a professional writer, however the title was not anywhere near worth the nightmare I had to endure as an employee. I made the same amount of compensation every day regardless of what I accomplished or the number of hours I was working. I started charting it plus realized I was working nearly 60 hours a week on salary with zero overtime benefits. Burn out set in plus I had to leave to protect my sanity. I also didn’t like that the single hour commute each direction plus the number of trips outdoors each week. Now that I’m at home, working remotely for the first time ever, I can limit my trips out of the lake house even more. I used to get cannabis from the dispensary on my way cabin from work in the nighttime, sometimes forced to wait in the lobby for an hour from long lines. Now I can order all my marijuana concentrates with curbside pickup plus local deliveries. If you live close enough to their dispensary, they will deliver your products to your lake house at no additional charge. My favorite dispensary is this online cannabis store that only offers curbside pickup plus cabin delivery. They’re a single one of the most efficient plus highly rated cannabis dispensaries in our state.

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