They are pretty lax about weed

There’s a legal marijuana dispensary on just about every corner.

I live in a state where Cannabis is permitted but there are lots of restrictions on how in addition to where you can smoke it. That’s why I was in awe when I went to visit my sister in a more liberal state in addition to noticing all of the legal marijuana use going on there. I mean, it should not have been a weird thing for me. It is along the water after all. You can literally walk down the beach in addition to smell marijuana being used. Pretty much all over the venue there is dope use. I could smell somebody smoking legal marijuana constantly. That is something that takes some getting used to. In fact, it takes me back to early high school. You would just walk through the classroom in addition to catching the odor marijuana here plus there. Of course, back then, it wasn’t permitted. Now that it is, I suppose it’s kind of neat how open all the people are about it. Especially here along the water. There’s a legal marijuana dispensary on just about every corner. Out of curiosity, I decided to go into a single one of those dispensaries when I was out for a walk alone. I was absolutely tempted to purchase some of the legal marijuana plus take it back to my house with me. I have not smoked the stuff since I was a young man. I am not sure what my sister would say if I brought marijuana into her beach house too.
legal recreational weed dispensary