Things to be careful about while flowering marijuana plants

When you are flowering your marijuana plants, it is essential not to get normal light into your growing area.

The growing area should be pitch black with no leaks of normal light getting through.

This is so important because the light will cause the hormones in your plants to react to the light. This will cause major delays in the developing flowers and can wreak havoc on your final harvest causing lower amounts of bud and a less potent harvest. If you do find the need to work on your plants during this duration of time, you should use very minimal light that would be similar to the light of the moon for ideally less than 5 minutes. If you use a green light however, this can be used while working on your plants with zero negative side effects. These types of lights are sold as nursery safety lights, but pretty much any green light bulb would work for this type of use. You should try to adjust your lighting schedule to what suits you best. For example, if you work in the evening hours, you might want to set your lighting schedule from 7pm to 7am so you can visit your garden easily during that time-frame without having to disturb it during the dark periods. Also, keep in mind that flowering plants should not be sprayed very often at all because the buds should remain dry. You don’t want too much humidity in your grow area during this time as it can cause mold to grow on your buds if you are not careful. So make sure to keep proper ventilation in your grow area so moisture doesn’t remain in the grow area during this critical flowering time.


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