This cannabis industry is growing

I work as a budtender. I am employed by a local cannabis dispensary. I  fell into the job quite by accident. I am not a user of marijuana. I’ve never tried it medically or recreationally. I ended up in the field through marijuana science training. I was studying the ways marijuana helps patients with seizures, crohn’s disease, PTSD, glaucome, addiction and  other issues. After I graduated school I found work as a budtender at a dispensary in the area. The cannabis science training that I received has helped me in my work. I have a lot more in depth knowledge than most of the other people I work with. However, despite all that training, I still needed to complete cannabis sales training and cannabis products training. I needed to learn the proper way to sell the medical strains and become knowledgeable in what they do for the customer. The medical marijuana training was certainly fascinating and helpful. I worked with a guy that focuses solely on marijuana product training and marijuana sales training. They taught me how to advise products and minimize risks, help people find what they need and deliver successful results to all types of medical marijuana patients. I have done mock training with pretend clients. I would advise seasoned cannabis users as well as new medical marijuana patients, so everyone knows what to get. The biggest thing, as a budtender, is to know the effects of the products I am recommending. Also, I have a responsibility to understand the effects, heed the warnings, and make sure everyone leaves the dispensary feeling confident about their purchase.

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