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Carolyn is the name of one of my favorite neighbors, and Carolyn and I have been neighbors for the past decade. Actually, Carolyn and I have been neighbors for so long that I have lost count of our days in addition to events spent together. Carolyn is quite and honestly clumsy person, especially when it comes to mistakes. Carolyn fell down the steps last week, when she was walking with a bag of dirt to pot some plants. Carolyn and addition to the people I was with an addition to myself had to rush over to the hospital when a large gash happened to come on her leg. Carolyn was given a bunch of medications in addition to drugs, and all of them made her stomach feel ill. Carolyn research the many effects for the drugs in addition to realize that some of them could make her feel worse than she already did. I talked to Karen a lot about trying cannabis to deal with the pain. I’m a regular cannabis user in addition to the fact that I consistently have cannabis on my person or in my home. I offered Carolyn to try the Cannabis in order to see if it would help her keep from taking some pills. Agreed to try the cannabis, and I also decided to give her some CBD oil to rub on the wound. Carolyn was happy with all the things that I offered her, plus I think I may have even made her into a CBD lover.



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