This year our annual lost weekend featured many edibles

Back in high school, my buddies plus I were the tightest crew.

Inseparable, hanging with each other all the time, however that was then plus times have changed a lot.

After high school the people I was with and I all had to go in our own directions. We were all smart enough to suppose that we couldn’t let the friendship stand in the way of our honestly diverse futures. Some of us went to university, others went right to working. Thanks to having social media the people I was with and I could all keep up with each others lives, however the people I was with and I hardly ever saw each other ever. So the people I was with and I decided to start a new tradition, an annual “lost party weekend” where the whole crew rounded up for endless alcohol plus marijuana consumption, just like back in the seasoned afternoons. We had all been champion cannabis smokers back in the day, plus no cases of beer were safe around us. The lost weekend was the perfect excuse to kick aside all the stress plus responsibility of our lives plus party down old-school with some cannabis plus some power drinking. Of course the people I was with and I were all quite a bit older, wiser, plus partied differently, so many of us brought edibles instead cannabis to smoke. This year the people I was with and I absolutely decided to have a marijuana potluck, where the people I was with and I each brought an odd kind of THC infused food. That 1 absolutely did turn into a genuinely lost weekend, because I barely remember it after ingesting so much cannabis. Listen, I assume this would be the time I say something about using cannabis in a responsible way, which of course you absolutely should do. Normally I consume honestly a minimal amount of marijuana on a weekly basis… normally.


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