Trying my own edible

I appreciate it when the grocery store has sales on boxes of pie, cookie, and brownie mix.

I’ll purchase them whenever there’s a bogo deal on a single of these products.

I’m not good at baking desserts from ingredients, but I can follow the recipe on a box of mix well enough where the end result is still okay. They might not be as delicious as the desserts in the bakery section of the grocery store, but they cost a portion of the price. Last month there was a bogo deal on brownie mix. I decided to get two different kinds of mixes. I bought triple chocolate chunk brownies, and peanut butter fudge brownies. The peanut butter fudge brownies were so amazing that I ate them in the course of two mornings. I had hoped to conserve them for at least a month or more, but I couldn’t help myself. But, I had different plans for the other box of brownies. I had recently visited the medical marijuana dispensary and had bought cannabis distillate oil. It’s a super concentrated cannabis extract that looks like tree oil, and it sort of has the same consistency as well. Since the distillate oil is already orally okay, you can put it on a cracker and eat it like that. You don’t have to bake a batch of brownies with the distillate infused, but I hoped otot have classic edibles. And when you have an extra box of brownie mix, what better way to utilize it when you also have cannabis distillate oil from the local marijuana shop. They’re delicious brownies, but I have to be careful because they’re strong as well.



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