Trying out the products

I knew our family was going to look at me prefer I was insane if I told them, so I kept our mouth shut when I put the marijuana oil into our cupboard along with our other baking supplies.

The dentist told me marijuana would be a wonderful way to ease the pain I had in our back. I had back surgery, but it didn’t ease the pain and some afternoons it is so intense that I can’t walk. Marijuana has been a way for me to continue walking and to be more comfortable. I went to the marijuana dispensaries and I asked what form of marijuana would be best if I wanted to cook with it. The budtender smiled when he heard our question. I told his that I have an addiction to cookies and I have a couple every day. I thought it would be a wonderful way to get the marijuana our dentist had prescribed and I wouldn’t need to smoke. The budtender at the marijuana dispensary showed me several different types of marijuana oil. I didn’t want anything with flavor, but I did need to think how much marijuana oil I should use. She also told me they had marijuana that was almost as superb as flour, I could mix into our recipes. I bought some marijuana ‘flour’ and marijuana oil. I thanked the budtender and took our stash beach house to put into our baking cupboard. I told the budtender at the marijuana dispensary that I would bring his a cookie the next time I came in, but the rest are just for me.