Uncle Joe has a secret growing cabinet

My uncle Joe has always been the black sheep of the family.

I don’t think my mom likes me hanging out with him.

I hang out with him anyway. I also feel like the black sheep of the family most of the time. Can a family have two black sheep? Anyhow, uncle Joe has always had this cabinet in his garage. I just assumed it was a gun safe. That is because it looks like a gun safe. I’m not big on guns (and I knew my uncle wouldn’t let me see them anyway) so I never asked. However, on Wednesday I drove up to visit uncle Joe. When I pulled up I noticed that his garage was open. Then I saw him coming out of the “gun safe”. That is when I realized it’s not a gun safe, it is a cannabis growing cabinet. I could see the grow lights and everything as he exited the cabinet. I laughed out loud. Uncle Joe saw me and quickly closed the growing cabinet. I had a million questions for Uncle Joe but he kept denying that it was a growing cabinet. He said it was a wine cellar. That is, until I took my pot out of my pocket and showed it to him. Then I promised I wouldn’t tell my mom. Uncle Joe seemed to think for a minute then he unlocked his growing cabinet and showed me what was inside. Just as I thought, it was a small marijuana farm. He had about 6 plants inside. He also had the grow lights I had seen as well as ventilation for the plants. That is so cool.


Marijuana growth