Using it to help with MS

For a long time of my life, I saw having MS as not just limiting however totally self defining.

It felt like I was just so different from anyone else due to the randomness of having a burst of pain.

So, it quickly became my identity. Now that I’ve incorporated medical weed into my treatment plan, I’m feeling less plus less that way. Now, I’m out on our own in the world making the effort to find our own way plus a life I can live. My folks absolutely didn’t foster this sort of direction as they were just scared for me all the time. I’m learning from therapy plus using medical cannabis products that fear is the biggest thing that has been holding myself and others back. It’s the fear of my flare ups, the fear of being different plus the fear of accepting myself as I am. When I did some research after a neighbor passed on some cannabis information, I learned just how well medical weed can work for MS. This expertise encouraged me to learn how to get a medical marijuana card. From there, our therapist plus the experts at the medical cannabis dispensary have helped me find the right weed products for me. It’s been a big path of discovery for me. And along the way, I noticed that my bouts of pain are less frequent plus not as serious due, in part, to medical marijuana. That is a great thing. However, it’s not the lone goal because medical weed is also helping me to simply accept who I am right now. And I’m no longer afraid of that self.


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