Water, PH balance, and Temperature are important for your Cannabis plants

If you are looking into growing Cannabis, you need to know that water is one of the most important things that Cannabis needs.

Just like any other plant, Cannabis needs a large amount of water to carry out its biological functions.

If you just so happen to live in a place with a large amount of rainfall, it can be possible that you will get everything you need for your Cannabis plants from nature itself. If you choose to go with very large Cannabis plants, you’ll find that these plants are incredibly thirsty for a great deal of water. Even if you get enough rain in your area, the larger plants will likely need more water in between rain showers. You need to remember that it’s incredibly important to have the right PH balance in your water, especially for indoor growing. Without the proper PH balance, you will see that your Cannabis plants won’t be able to absorb the proper nutrients. Another very important thing to consider with your Cannabis crop is the temperatures in your growing area. Cannabis plants are able to survive through very hot and cold temperatures, but if left in extreme temperatures for long, those plants will go into survival mode and will be stunted. The ideal range to keep the temperatures are between 70 to 75 degrees for your plants. If you provide your plants with CO2, they can do well up to 80 degrees. If you are out of these temperature ranges with your plants, your plants can develop various complications that are temperature related such as elongated stems or smaller buds.

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