We all Stumbled into an unknown marijuana farm

My best buddy and even myself grew up and then the two of us knew each other for some time before the two of us graduated.

All of us needed to take these trips in the summer time before all of us went to some different colleges.

Danny and myself were set up to go to this adventure, but the two of us had no system with the two of us had in store. The two of us were hiking past the mountains, only a mile or two from a ranger station. Danny and even myself were equipped with hiking boots, gear, high accomplices, and even plenty of afternoon to full of water. The two of us weren’t too sad when we got lost, but the two of us were taking our time for the height. Around the evening fall, Danny and even myself decided to pitch our tent and find some camping ground for the evening weather. The two of us started looking for firewood, when the two of us easily heard some distant voices. It was so strange hearing these very loud voices in a single area. Danny and myself explored much of the area to find the noises. After half a mile or more of a hike, Danny and myself realized that the two of us were hiking near an illegal marijuana Farm. The marijuana Farm was easily a huge operation, and Danny and I saw Fields upon fields of marijuana plants. They even had set up irrigation and addition to lighting everywhere. The two of us knew we were probably in some Danger, so Danny and myself hike directly from the woods. Though it was Pitch Black, the two of us it didn’t stop for miles.

Commercial grow op