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I work as a budtender for a larger cannabis dispensary. I just got lucky and fell into the job actually. I have never been a user of marijuana, either  medically or recreationally. I got into this industry through an interest in marijuana science training. I have been taking courses in the affects of marijuana on patients with cancer, seizures, crohn’s disease, PTSD & other illnesses. After I finished with school, I immediately took the  a job as a budtender at a local dispensary. The cannabis science training has helped me in my work. I have in depth information to offer that suprasses most of the people I work with. Even with all of my extra training, I still needed to participated in cannabis sales training & cannabis products training. I was happy to learn more about how to sell the medical strains and become educate in what they do for the person. The medical marijuana training has proven truly interesting and educational. I entirely worked with a company that  offers instruction in marijuana product training & marijuana sales training. They have taught me how to properly recommend products to minimize risks, ward off troubles & ensure successful results for medical marijuana patients. I have taken part in mock training sessions with pretend buyers. I would recommend various products for a experienced cannabis user as well as new medical marijuana patients. As a budtender, I realize that my job is to know the effects of every one of products I am recommending. Also, I have a responsibility to make customers  aware of those effects and provide as much help as possible. I make sure they leave the dispensary feeling confident in their purchase.

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