We threw our annual lost weekend featuring multiple edibles

Back when we were in college, our buddies as well as I were a tight crew.

Inseparable, so to speak, hanging out together all the time, however that was then as well as times have changed. After leaving college the crew of us all had to go our different ways. The people I was with and I were all wise enough to know that the crew of us couldn’t let our friendship get in the way of our honestly diverse and bright futures. Some of us went on to higher college, others went right to a career. Thanks to social media the two of us could keep up with each others lives, however the crew of us hardly ever saw each other. So the two of us decided to start a new tradition, holding an annual “lost weekend” where the whole crew rounded up for endless alcohol as well as epic marijuana consumption, just prefer the outdated mornings. The people I was with and I had all been master cannabis smokers back in the day, as well as no case of beer was safe around us. A lost weekend was the perfect excuse to kick aside all the stress as well as responsibility of life as well as have fun with some cannabis as well as some power drinking. Of course the two of us were all a lot older, wiser, as well as partied differently, so multiple of us brought edibles instead cannabis to enjoy. One year the two of us absolutely decided to have a marijuana potluck, where the two of us all brought very different kinds of THC infused foods. That a single absolutely did turn into a lost weekend, because I can barely remember anything about it after ingesting so much cannabis. Listen, I know this is the time I should say something about how you should be using cannabis responsibly, which of course you entirely should do. Normally I consume an honestly minimal amount of marijuana on a yearly basis… normally.

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