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My Aunt Joyce is a free spirit. She dresses in long, flowing skirts & Birkenstock sandals. She wears flowers in her hair and lots of bracelets. She grows all types of flowers and herbs in her garden, and has her own vegetable garden. She also grows cannabis. This was always legal for her to do.   I was relieved when my Aunt Joyce went through all of the necessary and lengthy paperwork and licensing required to legally produce marijuana. She decided to start up a business from her house. This was not easily done, but she was determined to produce marijuana edibles. In the state where we live, marijuana edibles are legal. The regulations are plenty strict and involved. The governmental interference has been difficult.  She’s been very thorough with all of the necessary details and can’t wait to get started producing her own products. She’s got a lot of great recipes. I tried one of her edibles and was amazed by the taste. I am sure her marijuana edibles are going to be successful. I don’t think she’s getting involved in this business for the money. She genuinely wants to help people in need. The edibles can be used for pain, inflammation, and all sorts of illnesses. She has said she will price her edibles as low as possible so that they are affordable to everyone. She has many friends who rely on medical marijuana for help with glaucoma, PTSD, addiction, migraines and other illnesses. She’s seen firsthand the benefits of medical marijuana.