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I suffer a lot from arthritis pain in my joints. And I’m not alone in this situation.  Over fifty million Americans deal with the pain & limitations of arthritis. In certain severe cases, surgery is sometimes proposed. I was trying to avoid this and just make do with physical therapy & medications! Unfortunately, it’s been found that long-term use of analgesics, corticosteroids, NSAIDs & DMARDs can result in awful side effects. By using them I was looking at an increased risk of heart attack & strokes and even the possibilities of ulcers & cataracts. It made me worry about blood sugar levels, high blood pressure & injury to my liver and kidneys. The medication often caused nausea & headaches for me, too. As the problems & pain worsened, I started feeling depressed.  My quality of life was not relaxing. About three years ago, I came across an article that totally changed everything; it was talking about THC, the most regular cannabinoid. It has the ability to influence how pain is perceived by the brain. It acts on CB1 receptors & produces anti-inflammatory effects on the body. I wanted to try cannabinoids to relieve my pain however I was a bit concerned about the ‘high’ associated with it. With further research l found that CBD, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, stimulates the receptors in the brain that are in charge of pain & inflammation. They also deactivate the enzyme that metabolizes THC. In other words, combining CBD with THC could give me all the benefits but no disadvantages. I have seen an amazing reduction in pain & stiffness since switching from conventional medication to cannabis oral spray. I take it at night & each day. I now sleep better & I also have started exercising.

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