What a store!

My Aunt Sara has always been a free spirit. She’s likes to dress in long, floaty skirts and wear sandals throughout the year. She enjoys growing things and has flowers and plants all around her home and  gardens. She’s even grown recreational marijuana from time to time. I wasn’t surprised in the least when Aunt Sarah told me she was starting up a new company out of her house. Her plan was to start making marijuana edibles out of her kitchen. In the state where we live, marijuana edibles aren’t entirely as tightly regulated and so she’s going to be able to do this without too much government interference. She’s very happy about it and can’t wait to get started making her own kinds of cookies, pot brownies, and space cake. She has a variety of tasty recipes, especially for her a unique kind of pot brownies. I ate one of her pot brownies at a family gathering and wasn’t aware that they weren’t conventional brownies.  I know firsthand that her marijuana edibles are really good. Some edibles tastes terrible or are way too strong. Aunt Sarah has been baking marijuana edibles for so long that she is good at it. I think her edibles company will do really well. I just hope she follows regulations and keeps everything legal. She has a wonderful opportunity to make some money and help people. However, it would be easy to lose track of regulations and make a costly mistake that would get her in legal troubles.