What helps with the flower process

There is so much to recognize about growing marijuana.

  • It’s not something you can necessarily learn overnight, as well as it’s not something that can be definitely explained to a beginner.

There are so multiple unusual types of strains, some a lot easier to grow than others. So if you are a beginner to the attractive world of growing marijuana, you will want to start with your basics. You need a fantastic quality organic soil, grow containers, organic fertilizer, grow lights, as well as a fantastic strain to grow. There are multiple ways to germinate your seeds. I prefer to just put them in a bottle of water until the root starts to pop out from the seeds. Then I put our seeds into a small basket of soil about an inch or less into the soil. I cover up the seed with the soil as well as within afternoons the plant will come up. I keep the baby plants under a small fluorescent light until they grow tall enough to be planted into our flowering tent. I regularly make sure to mix all our soil with a fantastic amount of perlite as well as worm castings so that the soil will be nutrient rich for the plants. When the plants are in the vegatative stage, they must be given organic fertilizer with plenty of Nitrogen as this will allow the plants to have healthy sizable leaves. Without the Nitrogen, they will start to become red, which indicates the lack of Nitrogen. You’ll notice on all fertilizers, they have the 3 numbers which go in the order of N-P-K (Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium). In the flowering stage, you want fertilizer with a lot of Phosphorus which helps with the flowering as well as fruiting stage of plants. If you want sizable buds, you want a fantastic flowering fertilizer!


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