What opened up near me

My beach house complex was built really in the middle of nothing.

Slowly businesses have started to creep in plus take advantage of a bunch of young college kids all stuck in a building with nothing to do.

There is a bar that does quite well since it is walking distance from the compex. The retail store gets everyone from my building stopping at it. There is also a small hair cutter salon and a shoe store around our beach house now as well. Recently I saw current construction right behind the beach house complex. For weeks I had been watching the lot slowly turn into a big facility. The other renters and I all were guessing what we were getting. Some people were hoping for a grocery store, others wanted a post office plus I wanted something fun in our area; Basically the only thing I can do is go to a bar or ride my bicycle away from the apartment. Thankfully the building turned into something great. I now live near a recreational marijuana shop. The building is important plus has all sorts of products like CBD oils, pot laced cookies, topicals plus mouth sprays. All the renters plus I have enjoyed trying everything the store has to give us! People from out of town are starting to frequent the shop now too. That means more cash coming to our area plus hopefully more businesses will follow. It would be great if my building suddenly became a good spot because of the legal pot store near me.


legal cannabis store