What the budtender does

I am employed as a budtender at a local cannabis dispensary. I just sort found the job by chance. I am don’t use marijuana medically or recreationally. I ended up in the field through marijuana training. I was researching how marijuana helps patients with seizures, crohn’s disease, PTSD and other health issues. After I finished school I took a job as a budtender at a local dispensary. The cannabis training that I completed has helped me in the job. I have a lot more information than most of the people I work alongside. However, even with that training, I still was required to participate in cannabis sales training and cannabis products training. I learned how to recognize and  sell the different medical strains. I learned what they do for the customers. The medical marijuana training was quite interesting and certainly helpful. I worked with a company that specializes in the marijuana sales training. They taught me how to best recommend products to minimize risks, combat problems and ensure successful results for medical marijuana patients. I engaged in mock sales with pretend purchasers. I would recommend specific products for a seasoned cannabis user as well as for a new medical marijuana patient that has no idea what each product does. As a budtender, it is my job to know the effects of the products I am recommending. Also, I have a responsibility to make people fully aware of those effects. I want all customers to leave the dispensary feeling really good about their purchase.