Why did I go and quit that wonderful task?

Occasionally there are some exhausting decisions to make, especially after easily being mad.

During the last Tuesday week, I asked for no time from work.

I really wanted to visit an appointment with my lady, so we could see a sonogram together. Unfortunately, it’s the middle time of harvest season at my marijuana for. My Own Boss didn’t want myself and any others for leaving work on Tuesday, and asked me to get my lady for rescheduling that appointment and following days. I believe this request was insanely ridiculous and told my boss this wasn’t an adequate request. She told myself and some others that if I did not show up to work, I would be incredibly fired. I showed up on Sunday, when the two of us were trimming and then cutting up about 100 pounds of marijuana. I knew the days we’re going to equally be busy, but I really wanted to see the sonogram pictures with my lady. I returned to work but my boss told myself and then some others that there was no explanation for my Tuesday absence. She didn’t want to hear a single excuse, so I explained everything that happened knowing that myself could be fired for attending this dentist appointment. Instead of firing me, she decided to transfer myself and others over to a different type of marijuana Farm almost 2 hours from my own home. There’s no possible way for me to commute that far, and I don’t want to be from my lady for those days. Now it seems I’ll have to quit as well as find another place to work.


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