Why I enjoy my cannabis dispensary so much

I know that people think I am prejudiced because I like my cannabis dispensary the best.

I have a lot of reasons for liking my dispensary the best, and that is because of my employees.

My staff has been trained to be very knowledgeable of all products in my store. Not only are they responsible for getting before employment training, but they need to go through constant training after being hired. I asked one budtender about the benefits of using CBD oil and he told me that it can heal anything. I knew he wasn’t going to be hired. I asked another budtender the same question and he went into all kinds of information CBD and its benefits. I have listen to countless amounts of people who have had the same experience. It is for these reasons that I find it important to have highly trained staff. AFter being hired, they are required to have weekly training. We get new product into the dispensary and I want to know they know all there is to know about the product. I even allow them to try the new product. This way they are aware of what it tastes like and how it can make you feel. When I first thought about becoming a cannabis dispensary owner, I went online. I took some training and I learned all of the rules and regulations. I am proud that we were awarded the distinction of being the best cannabis dispensary in our area. If you are considering opening a cannabis dispensary, I urge you to get the training and to have your staff well-trained.

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